Phone Box now Library!

Once the only literature it might have contained would have been a dog-eared directory.

Now an old phone box has been turned into a library for a village near Bath. Timsbury is served by a council mobile library which calls every fortnight. But there is now an alternative place to browse for books, in South Road.

When BT decided to close the phone box, the parish council paid £1 to adopt it and consulted residents over what the kiosk should be used for. The consensus of opinion was that it should be the Bath area’s smallest library. An appeal for books was made in the village newsletter and the entire stock has been donated by villagers.

Parish council clerk Derek Hillyard, who won £100 for the village by entering a BT competition rewarding the most imaginative uses of the firm’s boxes, is delighted with the way the library has taken off.

Mr Hillyard said: “We initially had just one shelf put in but such was the demand that it was soon obvious we needed more. We don’t charge but we just ask people that if they take a book to replace it with another. We considered other options for the kiosk such as an information centre and a flower display but after a survey the idea of the library came out on top.”

Timsbury resident Pat Cox said: “I have only just found out about the scheme but I will certainly be taking part. I think it is a great idea to use the kiosk in this way.”

Page published on: 1st May, 2011
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